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12. April 2022, posted in Photo, Video, Video ProductionWhy I 3D printed my own Aputure MC Grid

I love shooting product photos and videos with the Aputure AL-MC. It’s such a versatile and powerful helper compared to its size. I use it on almost every product shoot.There’s only one thing that is not ideal and that’s the light spill. The MC has a super wide angle of light spread, so you will…

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17. November 2021, posted in Audio, Audio / Music, Audio / Music, Video, Video ProductionNew music videos online!

Autumn has taken over and the days are getting shorter as the temperature keeps sinking. Soon, the last few leaves will be plucked off the trees and winter will force us into our warmest clothes. What better time to lean back and enjoy some music videos? Summer was packed with video shoots for commercials, image…

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26. March 2021, posted in Video, Video ProductionTattoo Atelier Image Video

We had the pleasure of working together with tattoo artist Eve, in her Tattoo Atelier in Korneuburg, close to Vienna (Austria).Eve is a very skilled tattoo artist who’s been doing her own thing since 2015!She also is a very pleasant person who likes a good laugh, loves animals and – of course – ink.After we…

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20. February 2021, posted in Audio / Music, General, Video, Video ProductionWhy you should consider a music licensing provider for video production

Why add music for video production? If you’ve ever made an image film or any video at all, you probably thought about adding music or sound effects. An audible component can add emotion to your work and emphasize your message. It can also help you find a rhythm to cut to, or lift your creativity.It’s…

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